Best Online Article Writing Services – Review


It doesn’t matter what kind of blog or website you run, if you want it noticed then you need content. Creating and publishing content on a regular basis is a strenuous task, which is why going through an article writing service make sense. With that said, we have reviewed the top five online article writing services. After you read our review, you can decide which one you should use.

Best Content Writing Services: Our Top 5

  1. iNeedArticles – Online Content Writing Service



iNeedArticles is not as well known as the others further down on this list, but the site produces very high quality content relative to the price, which is why we place it at the top of the list. The site offers basic articles, article rewrites, sentence rewrites, ebooks, product descriptions, product reviews, press releases, and an articles marketplace where you can purchase pre-written content produced by their best writers.

The Pros

iNeedArticles makes it very easy to get started. It’s free to sign up for an account, and there’s no minimum deposit before starting to order. Pricing for the articles is based on the number of words and can be as cheap as $5.00 for existing customers.

Ordering articles on iNeedArticles is very simple and the user interface is easy to use. We like that users have the flexibility to be as specific as they’d like in the instructions, or they can create articles based on a few main keywords with no specific instructions as well. Overall, it takes less than five minutes to complete an order, and the turnaround time on the articles getting back to a customer are typically within 24 hours. In addition, if you’re a large user or want to offer article writing services to your own clients without them leaving your site, the site has an API that allows users to process and deliver article orders, all without leaving your own site.

The quality of the articles is great relative to the pricing as well. All writers are native English speakers, all content is submitted to Copyscape to ensure the content is 100% original, and the site gives users the ability to rate each article written. Since the site has been around for awhile, there’s a large number of ratings to flush out weak writers. While the site doesn’t allow you to request revisions to an article, the site provides a full refund on any article you’re dissatisfied with. In addition, the site allows you to block writers that you didn’t like for any reason, and on the flip side, you can “favorite” writers whose work you like and then request that only your “favorite” (or one of your favorite) writer(s) works on your order.

Lastly, iNeedArticles is constantly offering more services all the time. One neat feature we appreciate on this site is the iNeedArticles marketplace, which allows customers to buy articles that have been pre-written by only their best writers. If there’s a topic that’s spot on for what you need, it may be worth it to purchase the article for immediate use rather than having to wait 24-72 hours for the typical turnaround it takes to receive content.

The Cons

It’s hard to say something bad about iNeedArticles, but if there’s one thing we would say, it would be iNeedArticles doesn’t allow for revisions and there are times when the articles written by writers are off-topic, particularly when the customer gives just a few keywords and no specific instructions. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that they offer full refunds for articles that customers don’t like, but it’s still a hassle to have an article written again. The best way to avoid this is to provide detailed instructions in the order form.

Overall, we believe iNeedArticles is a hidden gem and strongly endorse the site.

  1. TextBroker – Online Writing Agency for Websites

TextBroker is one of the most well-known online writing services around. They’ve been around for a longtime and there’s no secret why. It’s because many people believe they are the best place to order content.


The Pros

TextBroker makes it easy for customers to order content. You can place either a direct order or a general order, which means it goes into the writer’s pool and anyone at the quality/star level you chose can pick it up and write it. For example, you can specify that you only want writers with a 3-star rating or up to write your article. A direct order means you place an order with the writer directly, but the rate will be slightly higher than the rate you would pay if you put your article in the writer pool.

Another good thing about TextBroker is you can be as specific as you want in your instructions. Not only that, but the rates are more than fair. Just be aware that the higher the star-level writing you request, the more you will pay but generally speaking ordering articles from TextBroker is easy and affordable.

If you’re not happy with an article, you can request a revision, and you can do this two times. If the revisions aren’t doing it for you, you can reject the article, but this doesn’t mean that TextBroker will side with you. If the writer followed the instructions and delivered what you asked for, the chances are the article will be accepted. This is why it’s important to be specific with your instructions.

The Cons

It’s hard to choose negative things to say about TextBroker but if we had to pick we would say quality of writing. It is a hit or miss. Sometimes you’ll get a great article, and other times you won’t be that impressed but do remember you get what you pay for. If you want great articles all the time, then order articles from the highest rating writers possible, which are 5-star writers.

Those are the pros and cons of TextBroker. There are many other good things we can say about TextBroker, but those are the ones that really stick out in our minds. We strongly suggest using TextBroker.

  1. WriterAccess – Best Article Writing Service 2018

WriterAccess is very similar to TextBroker. It’s definitely good enough to make our list of the top online article writing services. The pros and cons of WriterAccess are as follows:

The Pros

The rates are decent at WriterAccess, as you can pay as little as $0.02 cents per word, but you can pay a lot more than that if you want higher level writers to create content for you. Also, the turnaround time is quite fast. If you want articles quickly and articles that are of good quality, then definitely give WriterAccess a try.

The Cons

The only con we can think of is the initial deposit. As of this writing, you do need to deposit a minimum of $50. Once you do this, you can go ahead and order articles.

The prices are reasonable and the customer support is great. Turnaround time is pretty fast too. The bottom line is WriterAccess is a good place to get articles written.

  1. iWriter – Internet Marketing & SEO Articles

iWriter was started and founded by a guy named Brad, an expert in the internet marketing and SEO industry. Since launching the site a few years back, iWriter has grown to become the go-to place for cheap content. Here’s the pros and cons of iWriter.

The Pros

You can place an order for various types of content with iWriter, and this includes regular articles, eBooks and blog posts to name a few. Best of all, the rates are cheap and it’s fair to say that iWriter is one of the cheapest places online to buy content. Another good thing is you can reject an article for any reason, so you have a good chance of getting exactly what you want.

The Cons

If you reject way too many articles or you become a serial rejector, then getting articles written could be difficult. Writers might see writing for you as being a waste of time. Other than this, there really aren’t any cons associated with ordering articles from iWriter.

iWriter is a good site. We suggest ordering a few articles to get an idea of the kind of quality you can expect. We do think you’ll be pleased with what you get.

  1. Upwork – Freelance Article Writing Services

Upwork is not solely a content creation service. It’s more of a freelancer platform. However, many people use it to buy content.

The best thing about Upwork is you can choose a writer from a pool of writers who bid on your project/writing job. You will have access with many writers who want to write for you, and this is one of the best things about Upwork. The only con we can think of is the price, but you might not be bothered, so this really comes down to personal opinion.

That is our review of the top five online article writing services. It’s up to you to decide which online writing service you should use. However, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.