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IneedArticles Review

Ineedarticles is a content writing service that has multiple offers for you to consider,  such as content writing, article rewriting, ebooks, proofreading, press releases and even tweet composition. Service has gained a lot of popularity over the time and now has taken a strong position as one of the most used services in the industry. In this review, you are going to find out which services are most used, best and worst sides and pitfalls to avoid when using ineedarticles.


  • Free to sign up
  • Simple to use
  • Fast delivery
  • Variety of services
  • Pick highest rated writers
  • Provide specific instructions
  • Active support
  • Refunds available


  • Some topics take 24h+
  • Min. deposit amount $10
  • Can’t cancel orders


The dashboard is very straightforward and simple to use. On the top right corner, you will see “Add Funds” button. The minimum amount you can add is $10. Around $300 should be enough for a couple of months if you are planning to order articles frequently. Payments are done only through PayPal. After you have charged up some funds click “Request” on the top left.

You will see 10 options: Articles, Article Rewrites, Sentence Rewrites, Tweets, eBooks, Product Reviews, Product Descriptions, Proofreading, Press Releases, and Marketplace. Pick the one that fits your interest and follow the instructions. We are going to show an example of the most used option – Articles.


After choosing “Articles” you will land on the order page. This is where you pick the topic and keywords for your articles, choose writers and give all the details and instructions to writers.

Type in article topics (one topic per line). Having 2 lines will result in requesting 2 articles. Below you have an option to request articles with exact matching keywords, which can be beneficial for SEO. Also, you can add specific instructions and notes for writers to follow. Below you will find additional settings (see screenshot to the right) important settings are article count, word count. Also here you can choose to work only with 4-5 star writers. And at the bottom you see the price, that is being instantly updated with every change of settings. 

Make sure that everything is set properly, agree to the terms and click “Submit Request”. You can track progress in your “Dashboard”. When an article is finished it will say completed, click “magnifier icon” to view the article. Here you can favorite the writer to work with them again or block the writer, to prevent them from writing any of your articles again. Pro tip: you can order article rewrite. This will get you a new, high-quality article for much less than it would cost to have a new article written from scratch.


  • Delivery time: On average articles are done within 8-10 hours, some topics might take more. The longest wait time was around 30 hours for a very specific topic. Also on the order page, you can request guaranteed 24h delivery, which is a good option if you are in a hurry for content.
  • Quality: Overall quality is high, with very few grammatical mistakes. In most cases, content is well written, has good sentence structure and quite informative especially if you provide the instructions. All of the articles are 100% unique and pass Copyscape test.
  • Price: Compared to other content writing services like iWriter, Ineedarticles is one of the cheapest and at the same time provides very high-quality articles, which makes it so competitive in the market.


In addition, ineedarticles provides a marketplace, that has pre-written articles in 60 categories. You can access it through the “Request” button. These articles are removed after someone purchases them, so don’t worry about any duplicate issues.

  • The good: articles are instantly available for you after the purchase, you can preview the content style and make sure quality fits your standards, you can see the rating of a writer and amount of written articles.
  • The bad: in general this type of articles is pricey and marketplace might not offer exactly what you are looking for. 

Pre-written articles is a solid option if you are looking for instantly available content. Even though the price is usually higher than “written for you” content, you can still find articles for a very low price on the marketplace.


Service Name: Price for 500 word article: Average grammar score: Refund Available: Turnaround time: Content quality:
ineedarticles $5 87 8h 9.5/10
iwriter $9 87 7h 9.5/10
99centarticles $7 85 48h 9.0/10
text broker $7 85 10h 9.0/10
writer’s access $20 86 8h 9.5/10


The overall price and quality of this service are what makes it so unique. Service is fairly easy to use but if you ever run into any trouble make sure to contact their support, which is always active and friendly.

If you have never used a similar service before it might be a little confusing to place your first order. Make sure to follow ordering process mentioned above to make it easier.

Ability to get a refund makes it safe to use, you don’t have any risks by using their service.

Even though the service is called ineedarticles, the service itself provides much more than just articles. It is an all in one solution when it comes to content, reviews, and writing. If you are looking for someone who can write content for you ineedarticles is a safe option to go with, as they do a great job to satisfy their customers.

Article Writing Service GOOD BAD LINK
I Need Articles Writers are rated by previous clients, which allows you to specify whether you want a 4- or 5- star rated writers. Can “favourite” writers and work with only those writers All native English speakers Can ask for US or UK English Articles marketplace where you can purchase pre-written articles based on a large variety of topics Can provide very specific instructions Very affordable pricing Turnaround time is fast Free to sign up and no initial deposit required Great customer service Full refund if you don’t like the article No revisions for articles written I Need Articles Information
Text Broker Writers are rated by previous clients which means you can specify if you only want writers with high ranking write your article for you. You can place your order directly to a specific writer You can provide very specific instructions You can request for revisions twice for free Pricing is fair You have to choose high ranking writers all the time to get really great articles Text Broker Service
Writer’s Access The rates are decent. You can pay as little as $0.02 cents per word Turnaround time is faster Great customer service You need to make an initial deposit of $50 to begin placing orders Writer’s Access Articles
iWriter One of the places online to buy content You can reject an article for ANY reason Cheap prices If you reject way too many articles, you become a serial rejector making it difficult to request for an article. Not all writers seem to be native English speakers iWriter – Buy Articles Link
Upwork You can choose a writer from a pool of writers who bid on your project. Pricing is higher Turnaround times can be longer Must spend time sifting through writer candidates No refund for poor work Can’t make bulk order requests Upwork – freelance articles

I Need Articles – Best Content & Article Writing Service 2018

I Need Articles Review

When you’re in the business of working on search engine optimisation for your clients’ websites, or regularly creating high-quality content for own sites and blogs, having a reliable service that you can outsource content creation to can be invaluable.

When we need well-written articles for our websites our first choice is always I Need Articles.

Learn How to Outsource Your Content Creation Today!

Why We Recommend the I Need Articles – Content Writing Service

Personal Recommendation – we use this service almost every day, and have ordered over 1,000 articles with this service for use on our blogs and websites, High-Quality Articles – the quality of the articles produced is very high, and when there is an issue, I Need Articles are very professional and fast to resolve them,     Responsive & Polite Customer Service – the I Need Articles customer support department is quick to deal with any issues, Low-Cost Articles – as low as 1 cent per word, or only $5 or approx £3 or 4 euros for a 500-word article, Fast Article Service – often completed within an hour or two, this will be a dependable and reliable addition to your online marketing ventures, Copyscape-Passing Articles – Copyscape is a software that detects plagiarised or duplicate content, and so protects your websites from Google duplicate content penalties, E-Book Writing Service Available – up to 20,000 words, Trusted Founder – ran by a well-known and respected Internet Marketer, Jonathan Leger.



How To Order Your Articles Online

Many aspiring site developers and bloggers start out creating their own content. However, it’s not always that easy once everything is in full swing. You need fresh, high-quality content, and you need time to produce that content. Or, you can start outsourcing your articles to ghostwriters. Ghostwriters are willing to do the work for you, and you would be surprised at how inexpensive it is to get the content you need.

Buy Content Online for your Blog or Website

How do you order articles online? There are many different sites and platforms to choose from. You can register with sites that allow you to outsource the work to a pool of ghostwriters, or you can choose to use platforms that allow you to browse writers and hire them for direct orders. Some sites offer both options but to different degrees. How Fast Can You Type?

Reputable Article Writing Service

For example, one site that I use allows you to choose favourite writers based on content provided, but writers do not have profiles and are not contacted directly. If you are wanting to use a site so you can outsource your content, the choices can be a little overwhelming. Does it matter which one you choose? Of course, it does.  


You will want to look at reviews, and you can check which platforms other site owners are using. Ghostwriters typically work for more than one site, and so take that knowledge and apply it to what you are doing. In other words, you might want to use more than one site, too. You can always set up accounts with multiple sites and place test orders. Some sites run specials, and that is very appealing to clients who want to order content. After placing some test orders, you can continue to place orders for content with the sites that provided you with the best quality work. All you have to do is submit keywords and instructions, and you get the content written for you quite quickly.    

I Need Articles: INeedArticles Review for Websites & Blogs

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